‘Targeting Intestinal Brooming’ Diet Results 

Malassezia Intestinal Brooming Diet -MQ

                      K1- “diet for malissezia”

I am Always cautious in declaring Results as Positive or Negative
always allowing enough testing time, observing closely
and checking while maintaining consistency of conditions
for certainty and more reliable results.

During the Past Year i have been trialling
what was intended to be a Three Month Testing of a
New “Targeting Intestinal Brooming” Diet Experiment.

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Some of the Benefits of this Diet

Intestinal Brooming Diet -MQ

High, Bio-available, Sustaining, Healing Nutrition
• Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Omega Fatty Acids 
• Highly Hydrating
• High Anti-inflammatory 
• Highly Detoxifying
• Highly Diuretic 
• Balanced Acidity -Alkalinity     
• Light to the Kidneys, Liver and Digestion
• High Natural Unprocessed Fibre
• Promoting Intestinal Elimination
• Brooming and General Intestinal Cleansing

The Five Main Objectives of this Diet
1- Fortify Immunity
2- Increase Nutritional Elements
3- Increase Fibre
4- Test killing effect -if any- of Curcumin
5- Broom and Reduce Malassezia Presence and Activity in the Colon

Steady Results Observed during the 11 Month Trial
Minus Side: (based on the daily quantity I am able to consume)
1-Low in Protein and Vitamin D – (1*)
2- Reduced Hydration compared to my  ‘All Raw Fruit/Veggie’ Regular
 Corrected by Adding Raw Fruit/Veggies in Second Meal
 Dropping Sunflower Seeds
due to indications of been treated with chemicals
producing allergenic symptoms to Both Myself and Husband.
Replaced (testing) Minimal quantity of Pine nuts.

(1*) My Diet is Personalised to my Needs and Condition 
and Adapted to provide Optimal Benefits to my Own Body 
– Structured around and Restricted by Limitations and Intolerances 
Imposed as a Result of a Decade Long Term Antibiotic Treatment.
It is therefore Not Recommended for Long term implementation
but rather as a Guide of elements that can help Improve
Immunity and Control of the Malassezia Problem.

On the other hand: Adopting only Some of this Diet Elements
while Retaining Detrimental to general Health and Immunity
as well as Conducive to Malassezia Proliferation ones
Will Not prove as Effective or May Not work at All

1- Hair and Nails (still) Growing – No breaks, no Slowing
Previously growth ended with end of Mango Season
2- Restoration of Hair Follicles
Hair growing anew in some previously bare areas
Not desirable but an indisputable sign of health
3- Overall Reduction of Presence and Activity
Strong Indication of Overall fluctuating Reduction
of Both, Yeast Presence and Activity
4- More frequent ‘Die Off’ recurrences
5- Regular frequent Elimination
Fewer enemas needed –if at all
6- Les Intestinal Gas and Bloating
7- Less and fewer incidents of Leg Jerking
8- More Quiet Restful Sleep at Night                                                                                      (finally back to a blessed normal 8 hours!)
9- Significant Reduction of Protective Substances
10- Less Regular Protective Maintenance
(Daily Cleanliness and General Hygiene remain Normal)

The Curcumin Testing:

Curcumin Extraction Methods

Consideration 1
Given the Chemical Extraction Solvents and Treatment Processes
of Commercial Curcumin,i do not believe for a moment that
arriving at destination point it is anything else but Absolutely Useless!
My Personal opinion and no hell or heaven can persuade me otherwise.

Consideration 2
The Negative impact on the Body of residue Chemical Solvents.

Consideration 3
* Quality, Potency and Bio-availability of Capsules.

There are many elements that can potentially render Curcumin’s
‘active’ therapeutic qualities and bioavailability ineffective

Bioavailability of Curcumin -MQ

In its Natural Bio-available state it is easier for the Body to utilise
and small quantity or potency can be far more effective
than something chemically processed that the body cannot utilise.
Nevertheless, for my Purposes i prefer the ‘Live Thing’
the way Nature provides it as part of … Raw unsalted Pumpkin Seeds!

(They too most likely are treated with some devils but at least they are
not Boiled, Cooked and turned upside down and ‘hung to dry! Lol! 🙂 )

               My Observations:
Several times throughout the 11 Month trial
i have come pretty-pretty close to declaring that it appears to Kill.
Guessing really by supporting follow  ‘Die Off’ signs
-and i am not talking about the strong Fishy smell of Pumpkin seeds
owed to their high content of its Beneficial Omega Oils.
As frequently though as i have arrived at this conclusion
i have found a day or two later those indications are in question.
Hard also to differentiate whether and when it is due
to the Overall High Fibre Brooming Intestinal Effect
or additionally to the Pumpkin Seed Curcumin content.
So, the closest and more reliable conclusion i have arrived at, so far
and can declare, is: It Seems to Be … Helpful!… 😀
I Cannot at this point fully Commit, either way, positive or negative
to anything more honest and specific than that.

Regarding the Brooming Diet Effect on Malassezia Cleansing 
Resulting in Long-hours of Peace and Quiet
and Gradual – Steady Reduction of Presence and Activity
I have No doubt whatsoever it has prooved Successful. 
and determined to Continue on – for as long as it Serves its Purpose.

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‘Targeting Intestinal Brooming’ Diet Results