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New ‘Acidophilus in Lung’ Experiment

Acidophilus in Lung Experiment -MQ

It is Summer in this part of the world.
This means high temperatures, strong winds and a lot of dust
especially since it has not rained for a while or only lightly.
Additionally, excavations for a multi-level building
only a block away and some upsetting family events
and my Lungs started to Bleed, day and night for 3 weeks
from Mid November to near mid December with no signs of stopping.

It was not so much the dust in the air that caused the bleeding
but what  was probably in it that was inhaled.
There was also a chance it might have been Malassezia attack
but i had no way of telling with certainty, though no doubt
it may have indirectly contributed to the problem
since Blood, Inflammation and Humidity
are highly attracting it elements.

I had not used any Acidophilus anywhere on my body
as i mentioned in the earlier posted Entry “ Almost There?”
for well over Four Months, and considered starting again
but wondering how to apply it in such a way
in order to directly affect the Lungs.
Inhaling it somehow seemed to be the best way
offering a better chance to reach faster and directly
but was not too sure – and wary of any possible adverse consequences.
Having no other solution available and knowing that loss of blood
for so long was highly detrimental in many other ways
and not having had a single night’s uninterrupted bloodless sleep,
i decided to give it a try, watch and assess results.

I prepared a solution of 30ml warm water around 35C
and added the contents of 1 Acidophilus capsule.
I Poured some on my hand and splashed it on my Nostrils
Inhaling vigorously with Both nostrils then closing each
and inhaling hard with the other forcing some mix to go down.
( I used only 1 Acidophilus Capsule Mix per day)

Day 1:
Keeping the solution warm – no higher than 35 C
throughout the day, i Repeated Inhaling it in frequent
intervals and just before going to bed
(approximately 6-8 times throughout the day)
No change – Bleeding continued during night and next day.

Day 2:
Repeated same number of times as in Day1.
Noticeable Reduction in Blood Output during the Day
and only twice waking up at night

Day 3:
Reduced Inhaling mix to only 4 times
(including before going to bed)
Blood output decreased further to just pink sputum
–and woke up at night only once

 Day 4
Reduced Inhaling mix to only 3 times
Blood Stopped Completely
First uninterrupted Night Sleep

Day 5:
Reduced Inhaling mix to only Morning and Bedtime

Day 6:
Also Morning and Bedtime – then Stopped Completely
No Blood ever since, good uninterrupted bloodless sleeps.
Acidophilus to the rescue once more!

The Acidophilus i used was a new type i had not used before                                                                                                ‘Faulding Probiotic for Women’
(Can also be used by Men – it is the Bacteria that count!)

Acidophilus F-MQ

Acidophilus F1-MQ

Acidophilus F2-MQ

Having said that, i would like to repeat and clarify,
as i have done in ‘Product and Probiotic Warning’ Entries
that ALL Probiotics Brands and Variations i have tried over time
and some i had been using out of necessity, including the above,
produce side effects – also confirmed by my man as well.
This is due to filling/encapsulating ingredients contained
as well as chemicals used for the Snap Freeze processing,
in order not to need refrigeration and keep bacteria alive.
Most Companies list Active ingredients only
i.e Types of Bacteria (as image 1 above)
but not Inactive, such as fillers, preservatives etc.
Some, list substances that are Not included (Free From)
due to their allergenic qualities, (as image 2 above)
but not All of the Included – likely to affect different individuals.

Through Google searches i found different elements and methods
used in Snap freezing Process of Acidophilus/Probiotic Products
but cannot find specific info of what each Type or Brand contains.
Fauldings is one company providing a long list of contents
of all its Different types of products- hard one to locate – but again
not All of the contents or in regards to Freeze Drying Processing .

Below some Chemicals used during Processing

Probiotic Freeze Dry 1- MQ

I would suggest, Users keeping a vigilant observation
of any untoward symptoms – testing on and off for some time
and Stop Use when an area is Cleared.
Some of the Symptoms my Man and I have observed repeatedly
throughout periods of On and Off Usage include:
Migraines, Kidney Pains/burning, Fluid Retention,
Arthritic Joint and Bone Pains.
Low Dosage and Infrequent usage – the milder the symptoms
Higher Dosage and /or Frequent usage – more Severe Symptoms.
Usually they all clear within a few days but take much longer
if higher dosages or frequent usage especially when taken orally.

Severity and Necessity at times have dictated my course of action
while i have endeavoured to minimise effects
by External only application and Internally only in Vagina.
In recent times having finally managed to tame down
the Malassezia menace, i had been using
the Acidophilus /water Mix 3 times Daily,
to gradually only Once Daily before Bedtimes.
Currently i have not used any at all for More than 4 Months.

I clean the V walls with a Clean warm water dabbed Cotton wad
and then wipe with a Dry Cotton Wad to absorb away humidity.
So far this has guaranteed a quiet non-incident night
and no nasty surprises in the morning but i am always vigilant
and never skip routine no matter how tired or sleepy.
I have also found that Thick -moisture absorbent- Menstrual Pads
help deter Malassezia from settling in the external area.
(This part belongs to Malassezia and Genital Treatments category
and not to the ‘Lung and Acidophilus’ but i have no much energy
nowadays for the effort it takes to update all i would like to
and since many visitors have problems in several areas
i thought it would be better to include this info rather than not)

(Feb 16:  Repeated Experiment once again a few weeks back
after another Incident and worked  again and faster than before)

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(Info in Entries was reported according to my knowledge
and understanding of results at the time as story was unfolding.
Details Confirmed, Enriched or Updated with new Discoveries.)


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Acidophilus in Lung Experiment