My Story


Early  2000 i was Diagnosed with Lung Atypical TB
and was put on a Long Term Lethal Cocktail of  Antibiotics.

Right upon Commencement of Treatment i experienced
a Multitude of Severe Side Effects – some that lasted
throughout the Course of Treatment and some that
continued and intensified after terminating in August 2009.

Malassezia Yeast One of them – the First troublesome Symptom
and One that Remained and Proliferated to despairingly
unmanageable levels by February 2010 when the Story
and Long Journey from Discovery to Recovery started.

The Story Unfolds in Chronological Order in Two Blogs:

(Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting )

Malassezia Blog WP

                   [ Entries 2009 -2013 ]

                 Detail History of Treatments 

                  Outcomes and Experiences 

                From Beginning to Recent times  

                      Malassezia Blog  


Malassezia Daily WP.

                    [ Entries 2013 – 2015 ]

            * Updates and Confirmations of Past Topics          

            New Discoveries under Microscope              

            * New Photos 

            * Recent Developments and Progress 

            Addressing Readers’ Questions & Keywords

                     Malassezia Daily 



                     [ Entries 2015 … ]               

                    Continuing with

             * Malassezia Research

             * Malassezia Health & Specific Issues

                as Primary Topics but also including  

             * Research in Medical, Health & Immunity

             * Nutrition and Diet 

             * Other Related Helpful Topics.

* Readers’ Questions and Keywords

                 * Malassezia Health Quest *



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