Malassezia – Almost There!???


    Almost There!??? 

Almost There - MQ
   My Primary Focus over the last Couple of Years has been
on Boosting, Restoring and Maintaining My Immune System
to the Best Level Possible – and bring it to a point where it can

1- Regain Adequate Control of Malassezia
unassisted by chemicals or natural remedies and elaborate maintenance
2- Reduce Malassezia Presence and Activity, and
3- Revert Malassezia Pathogenic Destructive Behaviour
back to its Naturally Occurring ‘Commensal Body Flora’ state

   I am Almost There!

    Yeiii bowdownthumps up

Using Only Minimal Acidophilus Aid
Gradually Reducing it to None
From 6-8 Capsules per 24 hours
Down to Only 1/2 – 1 capsule in 48 hours 

Currently and for the Past Three Weeks
For the First Time Ever for That Long
         In nearly 6 years -MQ
All Areas Are: Lesion – Bump – Scratch Free
      Including Nicely Healed Foot
       ~ Zero Protection Applied ~

            bowdown 2 2 thumps uphoorey

I am Not claiming any Miraculous Permanent Cure!

Treating it as a Temporary Reprieve
with no illusions the Battle is over – yet!
Rather as the Best State and Condition Achieved this far
and Always aware of Possible Relapses
and on the Lookout on Surprise Night attacks
but hopefully as time goes by – Less and Less of either…

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         This Entry is my…

Before i go -MQ

From before Sunrise until Sundown into the Night
I have worked very hard – and for very long
Eating my Meals with one hand -Typing with the other
During  weekends and holidays
With Broken Bones, Fevers and Chills
Through Tears, sobs, moans and groans
Through Unrelenting Agonising Pain and Discomfort
Always Carrying on… often falling asleep on the keyboard
but Never stopping …ever…

I am Totally Worn out and in desperate Need 
 for a Long deserved Break
Temporary or Permanent – Not sure at this stage
I  have still plenty to contribute 

And I May –or May Not– Return later on…

There is  Plenty to Read in my Three Blogs
and while Resting i may try – No Promise- to Improve
connectivity of Entries by inserting ‘Related Entries’ Links.

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