Malassezia-Herbs Internally

Malassezia & Herbs internally 1- MQ

Q1: * what herbs taken internally kill Malassezia *

Herbal Supplements MQ

K1: * two spoon of turmeric daily
         to eradicate malessize yeast *

So far i know of , No Herbs or Anything else for that matter
kills or especially – ‘eradicates’ Malassezia

The Dictionary definitions of the word ‘Eradicate’:

eradicate//eliminate/destroy/get rid off/stamp out

I don’t know if the Keyword is a Search verification
of something the Reader was told or read or a question
or even a statement/message the Reader is trying to pass on.
( In this case i would prefer if the Reader sent an email )

Turmeric’s benefits i had read about a long while back.
I bought some from the Spice rack of the Supermarket
but my kidneys could not handle and my man ended up  
being the main consumer but it did not do anything
let alone eradicate his Malassezia, even though
his symptoms have always been a lot milder than mine.

Admittedly i never considered giving him or myself
a 2 Spoon Daily dosage – estimating it as rather excessive
so i can neither confirm nor deny the validity
of either potential effectiveness, dosage or result.

Curcumin is reputed to kill parasites.
Therefore, as part of my ‘Targeted Intestinal Brooming’ Diet  
I have been consuming 2 TBS Raw Pumpkin Seeds Daily
for over four Months now, also containing Curcumin
–diet findings i will report as soon as i can Safely Confirm
whether it has an impact on Malassezia or not.                                                                           

I am still ambivalent about the results but i will openly admit
that frequently  – on  periodic weekly basis …
… yes! … i come close to suspect the Curcumin perhaps
suppresses Malassezia proliferation – only to equally fall back
and doubt it has any effect whatsoever…
I Daily hope that it can come to a point i can Safely declare
it does… but unfortunately this has not happened yet…

 Some Info about Turmeric from other Sources

Although the Turmeric studies were not specific
to treating Malassezia but several assorted ailments
from Digestive Problems to Inflammatory Conditions
Cancers or Bacteria and Viruses etc, the Precautions
and Specific Points no doubt apply here as well:

Turmeric 1 MQ

Large amounts – Long periods of time = Side Effects
– May Lower Blood Sugar Levels
May act like a Blood Thinner
Stomach Upset


Turmeric 2 MQ
May work in test tubes and animals but Not in People
Active Ingredient may Not be Present or Retained
   in Commercial products or in concentration used in studies
Some Studies show Conflicting evidence

I agree in ‘Active Ingredient’ and ‘Concentration’ needed
yet if consumed as part of Natural foods may be effective
even in lower concentration If Active Ingredient is Preserved.
The Individual’s Body is the Best Laboratory to Test
Theory – Reality and Efficacy of application.

Nevertheless, i do Not believe it is possible to ‘eradicate’
a) Because it is a Natural part of Body Flora and
b) Because it has turned into a Pathogen for some Reason
   and unless this Reason is Rectified the Problem will Persist.

Malassezia Immunity-Defence.MQjpg

                     The List below was compiled
and published in Malassezia Blog a while ago.

Malassezia Yeast: Complete List & Results of Substances & Methods Tested

Since then a lot more has been tested especially in regards
to Foods and Diet detailed in  Malassezia Daily  Entries.



Stomach ache -MQ

That’s what happens when you Sprinkle

         Pizza with … Turmeric!


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